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Significant of Malaysia Fitness Market

In comparison with global market, Malaysia fitness and health market is projected to be more than MYR 140 million (USD 35 million) with user penetration at 7.8% (statisca.com)


Annual Revenue (MYR, Million)

9.3% ↑

Annual Growth


Fitness Enthusiast (Million)

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Benefit of Working Out

The Y-Centre at UTC Kuching, Sarawak offers a gym that has many healthy activities for the visitors. With the convenience of various equipment, visitors will find their visit to the Y-Centre’s Gym a very pleasing. Not only with the friendly staff members and the gym equipment, but with the environment in the gym as well. Suitable music is played throughout the whole time the Centre is opened. It is to increase the spirit and raise the adrenaline to the visitors that are working out. Aside from that, visitors can make new friends as this is not just merely a place to work out. It is a place to socialize as well.


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